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ICC's arrest warrants: Netanyahu describes it as 'absurd,' Britain and Austria say 'unhelpful'
21 May 2024
ICC prosecutor seeks arrest warrants for Israeli PM, Hamas leaders
20 May 2024
Netanyahu: I hope I can patch things up with Biden
10 May 2024
Families of Israeli hostages urge Netanyahu to end war in Gaza and accept ceasefire deal
8 May 2024
Middle East crisis: G7 calls on Iran to restrain, Biden tells Israel US will not take part
15 Apr 2024
Thousands in Tel Aviv rally demand Netanyahu's resignation
7 Apr 2024
Netanyahu laments Israel's 'unintentional' killing of aid workers, military vows thorough probe
2 Apr 2024
Anti-government protesters in Tel Aviv say Netanyahu must go
10 Mar 2024
Netanyahu says 'enough' remaining Israeli hostages alive to warrant Gaza war
12 Feb 2024
Hamas says Netanyahu wants to prolong aggression, Israel insists on total victory
8 Feb 2024
Court verdict on Israel genocide: South Africa hails ruling; Israel says defending itself
27 Jan 2024
Protesters in Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Berlin call for Gaza war ceasefire, early polls in Israel
21 Jan 2024
Rome Statute ratification approved in 2019, claims former foreign minister
23 Nov 2023
Biden says made clear to Israel occupying Gaza would be a mistake
17 Nov 2023
Israeli PM Netanyahu has dinner with troops, over 100,000 Gazans fled
11 Nov 2023
World leaders congratulate Biden, Harris on win
8 Nov 2020
Israelis protest government handling of coronavirus crisis
19 Jul 2020
Israel's Netanyahu says he's been framed but will “stand tall”
25 May 2020
Netanyahu charged with corruption, says he won't resign
22 Nov 2019
Netanyahu's rival rebuffs his coalition bid
20 Sep 2019
Israel's Netanyahu wins clear path to reelection
11 Apr 2019
Netanyahu dismisses bribery claims by police
3 Dec 2018
Netanyahu's legal woes grow as police seek new bribery charges
3 Dec 2018
Ivanka Trump officially opens US embassy in Jerusalem
15 May 2018
Israeli PM Netanyahu stays on for now
15 Feb 2018
Israeli police recommend bribery charges against Netanyahu
14 Feb 2018
Netanyahu-Trump meet: Israel is ready for peace with Palestine
26 Jan 2018
Iran protests grow, death toll mounts
2 Jan 2018
Netanyahu: Trump's Jerusalem announcement a "historic day"
7 Dec 2017