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Traditional ritual celebrated in NE China's Heilongjiang
9 Apr 2024
Anwar pledges loyalty to King, Queen
27 Feb 2024
Thean Hou temple lights up with dragon-themed lanterns for Lunar New Year
4 Feb 2024
Mexicans bless Baby Jesus statues during traditional celebration
3 Feb 2024
Tiny brothers among faithful kavadi bearers in Penang
25 Jan 2024
More than one million devotees throng Batu Caves for Thaipusam
25 Jan 2024
Muhyiddin: My wife said yes, so I will stay on as president for one final term
25 Nov 2023
Deepavali: A celebration of hope and family
12 Nov 2023
Azam Baki: I have the PM's blessing to investigate ministers, civil servants
7 Nov 2023
The Straits Times | Chew Chor Meng: Don’t focus on what is lost, focus on what is still left | Lunch with Sumiko
15 Oct 2023
Will AI be an economic blessing or curse?
9 Aug 2023
Anwar arrives at Istana Negara to submit names of core Cabinet
2 Dec 2022
World's longest glass bridge opens in Vietnam
30 May 2022
Thousands seek blessings for Wesak Day
15 May 2022
Zii Jia gets BAM's blessings to turn pro
25 Jan 2022
Growth of ‘red seaweed’ in cockle farm a blessing in disguise
22 Sep 2021
Counting their blessings in crisis
16 Aug 2021
Ox-cellent display: Crowds gather outside mall to catch 3D bull animation
13 Feb 2021
PM outlines five priorities in Covid-19 fight during New Year address
31 Dec 2020
Trump says catching Covid-19 a 'blessing from God'
8 Oct 2020
Ahmad Maslan: Perikatan govt formed via palace door, not backdoor
14 Jul 2020
Ecuadorian churches lead Holy Thursday blessings from the air
10 Apr 2020
New Johor MB receives mother's blessing after appointment
14 Apr 2019
“No such thing, no such thing, ‘’ says Tun M on Azumu
16 Mar 2019
Devotees throng temple to pray for blessings
7 Feb 2019
Ponggal blessing for students of SJK(T) Ladang Tebrau
14 Jan 2019
Kedah candidates visit Hindu temple for blessing
29 Apr 2018
Symbolic items ushered in post-Songran event
19 Apr 2018
Blessing letter from Anwar read at PH convention
7 Jan 2018