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Hawker charged with murder of wife
14 Jun 2024
Kindergarten teacher jailed two months for hurting four-year-old boy
14 Jun 2024
Welfare Department obtain temporary custody of Zayn Rayyan's younger brother
14 Jun 2024
Lorry driver charged with murdering wife
14 Jun 2024
Mentega Terbang filmmakers get leave to refer constitutional questions to High Court
14 Jun 2024
Contractor charged with hurting girlfriend and sexually assaulting her daughter
13 Jun 2024
Magistrate's Court records objection raised by lawyers for Zayn Rayyan's parents
12 Jun 2024
Two Singaporeans charged in JB with trafficking 58kg of MDMA
12 Jun 2024
'These are all lies' - Zayn Rayyan's father
7 Jun 2024
Part-time worker fined RM100 for placing Israeli flag stickers at fast food restaurant
6 Jun 2024
Janitor fined RM4,000 for filming woman in Melaka toilet
6 Jun 2024
Building manager fined RM1,000 for impersonating Johor police chief
13 May 2024
Accountant fined RM4,500 for modesty offence against colleague
10 May 2024
Bella murder: Court sets May 20 for mention to transfer case to High Court
6 May 2024
Boy, 13, pleads guilty to setting kitten on fire
3 May 2024
New mention date set for accused in boyfriend murder case
25 Apr 2024
KLIA shooting suspect: 'I still love my wife'
22 Apr 2024
Security guard charged with murder of infant son
19 Apr 2024
Man charged with murdering Thai girlfriend ordered to undergo psychiatric evaluation
19 Apr 2024
Lorry driver pleads not guilty to attempted murder on traffic cop
15 Apr 2024
Motorist charged with reckless driving resulting in teen siblings' deaths
9 Apr 2024
JB woman and son charged with sex trafficking
7 Apr 2024
Man claims trial to giving false info to police
5 Apr 2024
13 teens charged with murder of 17-year-old vocational student in Lahad Datu
2 Apr 2024
Factory operator, wireman charged with trafficking over 50kg of meth
22 Mar 2024
Case of man charged with murdering pregnant girlfriend transferred to High Court
21 Mar 2024
Court orders mental observation for woman in Batu Ferringhi mosque disturbance
20 Mar 2024
School clerical assistant remanded for graft in Melaka
19 Mar 2024
11 months jail for man who deliberately caused accidents, extorted victims
14 Mar 2024
Doc pleads not guilty to molesting employee
12 Mar 2024
Lorry driver charged with murdering Thai girlfriend in Setia Alam
8 Mar 2024
Man, two female companions charged with selling pornographic video recordings
4 Mar 2024
Hawker jailed, fined RM12,000 for dragging dog with motorcycle
29 Feb 2024
Five p-hailing riders charged with motorist's murder
27 Feb 2024
Restaurant worker from Myanmar charged with killing countryman
26 Feb 2024
Food rider charged with allegedly setting fire to an auxiliary police car
19 Feb 2024
Singaporean fined RM5,500 after viral road rage incident in Johor
14 Feb 2024
Couple who intimidated other bikers on Penang Bridge fined RM2,500 each
9 Feb 2024
Five cops plead not guilty to extorting motorist of RM4,500
9 Feb 2024
Sarawak Report editor jailed two years for defaming Terengganu Sultanah
7 Feb 2024
New case mention date for senior cop charged with teen's murder
7 Feb 2024
Lorry driver charged with murder of nephew
6 Feb 2024
Dad claims trial to hitting, threatening teachers who caught son smoking in school
2 Feb 2024
Traffic cops suspected of soliciting bribe from British couple released on police bail
1 Feb 2024
'Hot Daddy': Six women charged with possessing pornographic videos
31 Jan 2024
Boutique owner gets one year prison, caning for cheating bride-to-be
31 Jan 2024
KL High Court sets aside gag order on 'Mentega Terbang' producer
29 Jan 2024
High Court maintains gag order against 'Mentega Terbang' director
24 Jan 2024
Boyfriend charged in Batu Pahat with murdering single mum Bella
24 Jan 2024
Six claim trial to online gambling charge in Penang
23 Jan 2024
Senior citizen claims trial to three charges of reckless, dangerous driving
18 Jan 2024
Court orders stalking convict to be sent to mental illness hospital for treatment
17 Jan 2024
Two cops charged in rape and extortion case
17 Jan 2024
'Mentega Terbang' director, producer claim trial to charge of hurting religious feelings
17 Jan 2024
Melaka court fines Army Private for impersonating officer, trespassing
15 Jan 2024
Indonesian man charged with murdering employer
10 Jan 2024
Former clerk fined RM2,800 for prostitution
9 Jan 2024
Expectant mum remanded for allegedly soliciting commission from concert organiser
9 Jan 2024
Body in backyard: Five charged with murder of security guard in Rawang
4 Jan 2024
Brothers charged with murder in JB
4 Jan 2024
Court postpones Rohingya man's murder charge
28 Dec 2023
Three teens claim trial to kidnapping seven-year-old boy in JB
27 Dec 2023
Fruit seller charged with murder of girlfriend
27 Dec 2023
Shah Alam man faces murder charge for bludgeoning wife to death
21 Dec 2023
Stalking trial: Defence raises insanity plea, Jan 17 fixed for full trial
20 Dec 2023
Police deny senior cop given special treatment
18 Dec 2023
Senior cops on murder charge gives media the slip on the way into courtroom
18 Dec 2023
Man suspected of beating wife to death with dumbbell remanded seven days
16 Dec 2023
Accused stalker changes plea to guilty
15 Dec 2023
Jobless man charged with killing parents
15 Dec 2023
Driver who hit family of four fined RM6,000 for reckless driving
13 Dec 2023
Jobless man charged with murdering his landlord
6 Dec 2023
Five men slapped with three drug charges in Pasir Gudang
4 Dec 2023
Kedah 13-year-old in viral video charged with robbing ehailing driver
3 Dec 2023
13-yr-old boy who tried to stab ehailing driver to be charged on Dec 3
2 Dec 2023
16 fined RM3,000 each over job scam
28 Nov 2023
Australian fined for urinating in public area
22 Nov 2023
Woman accused of killing business partner in Marang
15 Nov 2023
Inspector Sheila charged with causing public nuisance
8 Nov 2023
Two men claim trial over RM4.6mil Genting casino chip theft
8 Nov 2023
Senior citizen denies caressing and hugging woman, claims trial in Melaka
31 Oct 2023
Fatal u-turn: Lorry driver charged with reckless driving, causing death of 17-year-old
30 Oct 2023
Two company directors charged with tax evasion in JB court
25 Oct 2023
JB company director slapped with RM1.284mil penalty for tax evasion
17 Oct 2023
Bukit Aman investigating how cop managed to afford two Rolex watches
14 Oct 2023
'Datuk' charged with stealing luxury watches
12 Oct 2023
Ex-soldier charged with murdering wife
11 Oct 2023
Religious school teacher fined RM12,000 for conning two women into sex, porn on phone
10 Oct 2023
Myanmar labourer charged with murder of fruit seller
6 Oct 2023
Ex-dodgeball coach charged with molesting two male pupils
6 Oct 2023
Hotel assistant executive manager charged with outraging modesty of former TV newsreader
3 Oct 2023
Underage teens among 11 friends charged with drug distribution
2 Oct 2023
Trio charged with murder of friend in Melaka
27 Sep 2023
Court dismisses psychiatric application by man accused of pregnant lover's murder
26 Sep 2023
Putrajaya fatal crash: Lorry driver charged with reckless driving
25 Sep 2023
Restaurant worker claims trial to stalking newsreader
22 Sep 2023