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Mural transformed, now looks more like Fan Bingbing
9 Jun 2024
Discover rural China through art
13 Mar 2024
China's space station hosts unconventional painting exhibition
24 Feb 2024
Climate change activists throw soup at Mona Lisa painting in Paris
29 Jan 2024
The endless winter beauty of Dianchi Lake in China's Yunnan
23 Jan 2024
Winter starry sky covers Yunnan's wetlands
21 Jan 2024
A glimpse of traditional papermaking in east China
4 Nov 2023
Art of cultivation: Splendid paddy field paintings in North China
13 Aug 2023
Pakatan launches election machinery
25 Jun 2023
Sand painting | A salute to our supermen
18 Jun 2023
PM hopes conglomerates will support development of the arts
2 Jun 2023
Wesak Day: Buddha sunning ceremony takes place in Tambun, first since Covid-19 pandemic
4 May 2023
Vietnam News | Hanoi woman makes painting out of scrap paper
15 Apr 2023
A rare scenery on icy Bosten Lake in Xinjiang
29 Jan 2023
Argentine artists conquer Qatar with unique flags
17 Dec 2022
Wartime portrait sells for $20.7 million at auction
2 Dec 2022
Brazil neighbourhood bursts with art and colour to support World Cup team
20 Nov 2022
UK climate change protesters throw soup at van Gogh's 'Sunflowers'
14 Oct 2022
Vietnam News | A Glass Act
6 Oct 2022
Chinese ink brush maker revives traditional art of calligraphy
26 Jun 2022
Beauty queens band together to raise awareness for people living with rare diseases
17 Jun 2022
The Straits Times | Restoring statues, memories
13 Jun 2022
Relic protectors ensure ancient Silk Road murals are well maintained
13 Jun 2022
71-year-old man draws 100+ paintings to record fight against COVID-19
2 Jun 2022
Vietnam News | The art of coffee
16 May 2022
Paralyzed Chinese painter: "It's so nice to live!"
15 May 2022
Chinese muralists decorate countryside with creativity, passion
10 May 2022
Selangor Ruler buys painting depicting primates, frogs in Dewan Rakyat
12 Apr 2022
The Straits Times | New coat for 18 Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay
9 Apr 2022
Malaysian artist Yusof Gajah, known for his elephant-themed paintings, dies aged 68
9 Mar 2022
Xinjiang, My home: A painter's happy life
9 Feb 2022
Nigerian artist paints portraits on her body
5 Feb 2022
Folk artists in north China celebrate Lunar New Year, Winter Olympics
2 Feb 2022
Amazing 3D ground paintings in rural China
11 Jan 2022
From rice paper to Japanese metallic paper - artist takes painting to another level
4 Dec 2021
Venezuelan brings new value to discarded banknotes
13 Nov 2021
Ethnic Kazakh father records happy life through paintings
20 Jul 2021
Chinese farmer's oil paintings capture beauty of rural life
14 Jul 2021
Travel back to China 2,000 years ago at Hunan Museum
23 May 2021
Argentine artist exclusively paints Maradona portraits
17 Apr 2021
Carved porcelain: Painting with burin and hammer
30 Mar 2021
Sweet paintings! Chinese folk artist sketches with edible "ink"
23 Feb 2021
Malaysian artiste Haoren deletes offensive 'brownface' music video after backlash
26 Jan 2021
Reviving Alor Setar’s heritage with mural paintings
27 Dec 2020
Girl City: How to do knife painting
20 Sep 2020
Malaysian artist uses thumbprints to create portrait of Tunku Abdul Rahman
28 Aug 2020
Rice painting
28 Aug 2020
Muralists heartbroken over ‘Covid-19 heroes’ vandalism, vow to keep on painting
20 Jul 2020
King and Queen make three muralists' day
10 Jul 2020
Strokes of gratitude for heroes fighting the Covid-19 pandemic
5 Jul 2020
Murals brighten dull street walls in Klang
26 Jun 2020
Malaysian artist with autism wins Asian frontliner-themed poster contest
7 May 2020
Painting the town blue in a show of gratitude, support for healthcare workers, frontliners
1 May 2020
Tree of Hope: Solo artist breathes new life into old building
22 Feb 2020
Mural of Amelia Earhart in Taiping 'flies' into Malaysia Book of Records
27 Dec 2019
Art exhibit by 12-year-old 'young Jackson Pollock' opens in New York
20 Dec 2019
New drone pilots urged to learn proper flight rules
22 Nov 2019
Pupils' artwork to instil spirit of Rukun Negara
19 Sep 2019
Artist once again shows love for Malaysia
23 Aug 2019
M'sian and Chinese calligraphers hold joint exhibition
12 May 2019
Join and support local artists at ArtEDecor 2019
7 Mar 2019
Rare Lives: Using art to raise funds for LSD patients
4 Mar 2019
Streets of KL come to life with CNY fest
27 Jan 2019
Actress and dad paint true picture of country with 59 artworks
11 Nov 2018
Gopeng cave closed for fossil study
18 Oct 2018
Banksy's painting self-destructs after £1mil sale at Sotheby auction
6 Oct 2018
Artist Marina Abramovic attacked at exhibition in Florence
24 Sep 2018
A painting panda in Vienna Zoo
27 Aug 2018
KL’s RM1.5mil makeover
1 Aug 2018
Arty deaf couple tie the knot in Penang
22 Jul 2018
From doctor to passionate artist
13 Apr 2018
Sibu is home to Sarawak’s largest mural painting
4 Feb 2018
‘The Third Act’ of a self-taught artist
13 Jan 2018
Foreign vandals arrested and fined for spray painting at public areas
22 Dec 2017
History comes alive with animated classic Chinese scroll painting
5 Dec 2017
History comes alive with animated classic Chinese scroll painting
4 Dec 2017
Residents in Nakhon Ratchasima paints King Bhumibol mural as a means to honour him
23 Oct 2017
‘Our parents are as precious as pandas’
10 Oct 2017
Celebrating National Welfare Month with painting murals
8 Oct 2017