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24 Feb 2024
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13 Aug 2023
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2 Jun 2023
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6 Oct 2022
71-year-old man draws 100+ paintings to record fight against COVID-19
2 Jun 2022
Malaysian artist Yusof Gajah, known for his elephant-themed paintings, dies aged 68
9 Mar 2022
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9 Feb 2022
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2 Feb 2022
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11 Jan 2022
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13 Nov 2021
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20 Jul 2021
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14 Jul 2021
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23 Feb 2021
Reviving Alor Setar’s heritage with mural paintings
27 Dec 2020
Murals brighten dull street walls in Klang
26 Jun 2020
Art exhibit by 12-year-old 'young Jackson Pollock' opens in New York
20 Dec 2019
Pupils' artwork to instil spirit of Rukun Negara
19 Sep 2019
M'sian and Chinese calligraphers hold joint exhibition
12 May 2019
Join and support local artists at ArtEDecor 2019
7 Mar 2019
Actress and dad paint true picture of country with 59 artworks
11 Nov 2018
KL’s RM1.5mil makeover
1 Aug 2018
‘The Third Act’ of a self-taught artist
13 Jan 2018
History comes alive with animated classic Chinese scroll painting
5 Dec 2017