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Sg Bakap polls: Barisan Nasional commits to help PH win
22 Jun 2024
Sungai Bakap polls among issues discussed at BN supreme council meeting
21 Jun 2024
Notice sent to S'gor Speaker to declare Selat Klang seat vacant, says Azmin
21 Jun 2024
Let Speaker decide on rogue Bersatu reps’ seats, says Anwar
21 Jun 2024
BN mulls fielding candidate for Nenggiri if polls held, says Zahid
21 Jun 2024
Putin gets lavish welcome in North Korea
19 Jun 2024
Sg Bakap polls: Unity government names Dr Joohari Ariffin as candidate
13 Jun 2024
Muhyiddin: Perikatan to field PAS candidate in Sungai Bakap by-election
12 Jun 2024
Seven Bersatu members to be issued notices soon, says Muhyiddin
12 Jun 2024
Anwar pledges to support civil servants
11 Jun 2024
Sg Bakap polls: Unity coalition the underdog, says Chow
10 Jun 2024
Speaker will decide on status of six rogue Bersatu MPs, says Zahid
8 Jun 2024
Pakatan Harapan candidate for Sungai Bakap polls to be announced next week, says Anwar
7 Jun 2024
Malaysia reiterates call for end to Myanmar crisis ahead of Asean 2025 chairmanship
6 Jun 2024
Sungai Bakap by-election: Govt considering committee to prevent fake news spreading
6 Jun 2024
Trump says he still has confidence in his legal team after felony conviction
6 Jun 2024
Mexico's Sheinbaum wins landslide to become country's first female president
3 Jun 2024
Syed Saddiq shares political journey in new book
2 Jun 2024
Chegubard files appeal against gag order
27 May 2024
Sungai Bakap assemblyman passes away at 56
24 May 2024
Geopolitics, digitalisation and climate change intertwined in policymaking, says Anwar
23 May 2024
Sabah polls: BN willing to work with any party but prioritises cooperation with PH, says Ahmad Zahid
21 May 2024
Bersatu sends letters to all elected reps, “extra instructions” for wayward leaders, says Hamzah
17 May 2024
Singapore swears in its first new PM in two decades
15 May 2024
The Straits Times | Singapore's PM-designate Lawrence Wong unveils Cabinet lineup
13 May 2024
Go on the offensive to remain relevant, Zahid tells Umno members
12 May 2024
KKB polls: Mature electorate chose progress over politicking, says Umno veep
12 May 2024
KKB polls: Pakatan's votes increase by 3%, win a boost in GE16, says Amirudin
12 May 2024
Action to be taken against six rogue Bersatu MPs, says Muhyiddin
5 May 2024
Muhyiddin remains coy on Bersatu-GRS collaboration
5 May 2024
Najib's addendum, KKB prep top on Umno's agenda during supreme council's May 3 meet
3 May 2024
UK's Labour claims big early win over PM Sunak's Conservatives
3 May 2024
Chegubard claims trial to two charges of defamation, sedition
29 Apr 2024
KKB polls: Leaders should be forthcoming with answers, says Amirudin
28 Apr 2024
KKB polls: Rival has run out of issues, says Muhyiddin on academic credentials query
28 Apr 2024
Umno, BN open to maintaining current political setup for national stability, says Zahid
27 Apr 2024
KKB polls: Four-cornered fight for Selangor state seat
27 Apr 2024
KKB by-election: Perikatan names Khairul Azhari Saut as candidate
26 Apr 2024
KKB by-election: MCA staying out won't affect unity govt's machinery, says Fahmi
25 Apr 2024
Pakatan names Pang Sock Tao, Nga Kor Ming's aide as KKB candidate
24 Apr 2024
PDP open to merging with other parties, says Tiong
22 Apr 2024
Learn from the past, find ways to stay relevant for the future, Rafizi urges PKR members
21 Apr 2024
PKR's success measured by benefit to the people, not Cabinet seats, says sec-gen
21 Apr 2024
More collaborations expected with Singapore under new PM, says Abang Jo
16 Apr 2024
KKB by-election: Anwar yet to discuss Pakatan candidacy
12 Apr 2024
Simon Harris becomes Ireland's youngest ever PM
10 Apr 2024
PM Anwar receives courtesy call from Prabowo
4 Apr 2024
Puad hit out at Padu for personal reasons, says Rafizi
27 Mar 2024
PKR will take measures to ease situation in party’s Sabah division, says Saifuddin
25 Mar 2024
Keep your mouth shut if you don't know anything, Fahmi slams Wan Ahmad Fayhsal
25 Mar 2024
Indonesia's Prabowo wins presidential election, poll body says
21 Mar 2024
Malaysia welcomes beneficial investments, not favour any country, says PM
18 Mar 2024
Polls open in Russia as Putin set to extend rule
15 Mar 2024
Malaysia and Germany call for lasting ceasefire in Gaza
12 Mar 2024
No cartels in Bersatu, says Muhyiddin
11 Mar 2024
Muhyiddin: Bersatu will enforce amendments as soon as ROS says yes
11 Mar 2024
MCA stands firmly by its principles, says Dr Wee at 75th anniversary celebration
9 Mar 2024
Party's constitutional change won't stop Bersatu MPs from supporting PM, says Tanjung Karang rep
7 Mar 2024
Anwar advocates engagement with China, criticises inaction over Gaza
7 Mar 2024
Selangor MB loses cool over badgering from ex boss, Azmin
6 Mar 2024
Only fair if all MPs get allocations, says Hadi
6 Mar 2024
The Straits Times | Taylor Swift and the US elections
26 Feb 2024
If anyone wants to play politics, wait for the next election, King tells MPs
26 Feb 2024
Proposal to revive Umno-PAS cooperation through MN insincere, says Zahid
25 Feb 2024
PM, unity govt MPs attend briefing ahead of Dewan Rakyat sitting
25 Feb 2024
Taib laid the foundation for a modern Sarawak, says Abang Jo
21 Feb 2024
Votes of some 20,000 Indonesians in Malaysia counted in Kuala Lumpur
14 Feb 2024
Bali voters cast ballots in Valentine's Day-themed polling station
14 Feb 2024
Indonesia kicks off presidential election amid floods
14 Feb 2024
The Straits Times | Indonesian presidential polls’ grand rallies resembling music concerts
13 Feb 2024
Lawyer Nik Elin facing death threats
11 Feb 2024
No “camps” in Bersatu, says Peja
10 Feb 2024
Opposition leaders attend Gerakan CNY open house
10 Feb 2024
Anwar lauds enforcement agencies' stern action against corruptors, criminals
9 Feb 2024
Biden says his 'memory is fine', not charged for mishandling documents
9 Feb 2024
Federal Court ruling had nothing to do with unity govt, says PM
9 Feb 2024
Hamzah reveals new Perikatan shadow Cabinet
8 Feb 2024
More Perikatan MPs will support unity govt, says Anwar
28 Jan 2024
BN-PH ‘sincerity pact' key to winning GE16, says Zahid
28 Jan 2024
Hold snap polls now to test your support, Dr M challenges Anwar
22 Jan 2024
Daim and I helped Anwar campaign but he wants to investigate me, says Dr M
22 Jan 2024
First Malaysian woman elected to public office passes away, aged 100
21 Jan 2024
MCA Youth leaders visit SMG ahead of Chinese New Year
18 Jan 2024
Judges cannot answer or be governed by politics or popularity - CJ
15 Jan 2024
Full-term Parliament law will deter disruptive coup plots, says Ahmad Maslan
14 Jan 2024
South Korea opposition leader hopes for end to 'politics of hate' after attack
10 Jan 2024
No tolerance for corruption, even among parties that support me, says Anwar
8 Jan 2024
Ahmad Zahid to head to Sabah to calm brewing political storm
7 Jan 2024
Let's rebuild the country instead of playing politics, Zahid tells 'Dubai Move' plotters
5 Jan 2024
67-year-old man stabbed South Korean politician Lee, say cops
2 Jan 2024
'Dubai Move' failed to achieve its goal, says Zahid
2 Jan 2024
Notable moments throughout 2023: Part Two #yearender2023 #TheStarRewind2023
31 Dec 2023
Notable moments throughout 2023: Part One #yearender2023 #TheStarRewind2023
30 Dec 2023
Local council polls not on ministry's agenda, says Nga
28 Dec 2023
Say no to race superiority, Mat Sabu tells Amanah
23 Dec 2023
Status quo for FT Dept for now, says Dr Zaliha
19 Dec 2023
PM Anwar, wife attend pre-gala commemorative lighting ceremony in Tokyo
18 Dec 2023
PM debate: No need to amend Constitution, says Anwar
15 Dec 2023
Khaled Nordin clocks in at Mindef
15 Dec 2023
Dr Zaliha to focus on tackling urban poverty
15 Dec 2023