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Singaporean baker's shop in Shenzhen grows
17 Jan 2024
China Daily | Fascinating artwork awaits at the 2023 Shenzhen Bay Public Art Season
5 Jan 2024
Nearly 30% increase in trips by six visa-free nations to China
2 Jan 2024
Drone delivery favorable among Shenzhen foodies
25 Dec 2023
Nightlife after working hours in Shenzhen
13 Nov 2023
Focus on Pan-Asia: Electric vehicles in China
1 Sep 2023
Fire on container ship brought under control within two hours
13 Aug 2023
KLIA commotion: Woman involved returned to China on July 4, says Saifuddin
12 Jul 2023
Tiong: I stepped in to help
1 Jul 2023
China's tech hub speeds up developing low-altitude economy
1 Apr 2023
Foreign furniture business professionals optimistic about their prospects in Shenzhen
6 Jan 2023
Beijing, Shenzhen loosen more Covid-19 curbs
4 Dec 2022
Turkish barista shares life in Shenzhen, China
28 Oct 2022
Shenzhen auto show set to boost car sales in China
29 May 2022
China reports first two Covid-19 deaths in more than a year
19 Mar 2022
Shenzhen optimises transport supplies for HK residents
22 Feb 2022
Beijing Stock Exchange kicks off trading with mixed performance
15 Nov 2021
My detention in Canada has disrupted my life, says Huawei executive
26 Sep 2021
China welcomes Huawei executive home
26 Sep 2021
China apartment buyers seek answers
18 Sep 2021
Evergrande is 'too big to fail', says analyst
17 Sep 2021
Mega sea-crossing bridge under construction in Guangdong, China
15 Jul 2021
The robot chefs at China Hi-Tech Fair
14 Nov 2020
Hi-tech fair kicks off with over 3,300 exhibitors
13 Nov 2020
High-tech Chinese vessels on display at marine expo
17 Oct 2020
China Daily | Man stands straight after surgeons fix his back
21 Jul 2020
Third death in China as Wuhan virus cases spread to other cities
20 Jan 2020
Chinese paramilitary amasses near Hong Kong
16 Aug 2019
Huawei files challenge against US defense bill
29 May 2019
Jho Low gallivanting about in China, says Sin Chew
12 Apr 2019
Spring Festival in China: Their Stories
3 Feb 2019
China kindergarten principal fired over pole dancing show
4 Sep 2018
Models with foreign looks sought after in China
28 Aug 2018
Xiaomi courts fans, investors at glitzy launch
1 Jun 2018
China stops drones that smuggle smartphones
1 Apr 2018
Foreign agent absconds with beauty queen's prize money
21 Mar 2018
China seizes a record haul of pangolin scales
30 Nov 2017
Woman swallowed whole by opening floor in China
29 Aug 2017