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RM40mil grant enables students from humble homes get an education
19 Mar 2024
Chinese communities worldwide facing declining birthrate, says Dr Wee
19 Feb 2024
Bright futures with financial helping hand
8 Nov 2023
TAR UMT launches red brick project
11 Oct 2023
Malaysians must not take freedom for granted, says Dr Wee
22 Aug 2023
RM23mil raised for TAR UMT student loan fund
12 Mar 2023
Lifeline for students in need
16 Feb 2023
Govt approves RM40mil annual allocation for TAR UMT
17 Jan 2023
King officiates TAR UMT launch, praises its over 54-year feat
5 Jan 2023
Producing grads for the future
9 Jul 2022
TAR UC is now a university
12 Apr 2022