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US House votes for TikTok's owners to divest or face ban
14 Mar 2024
US House of Representatives passes Republican's Israel-only aid bill
3 Nov 2023
TikTok CEO: We don't promote or remove content at Beijing’s request
24 Mar 2023
Biden 'concerned' by China's drills around Taiwan
9 Aug 2022
'We will not allow them to isolate Taiwan,' says Pelosi
5 Aug 2022
Chinese ambassador to UK condemns Pelosi's Taiwan visit
3 Aug 2022
Pelosi meets Taiwan president, vows "ironclad" commitment
3 Aug 2022
Pelosi addresses Taiwan parliament
3 Aug 2022
US Speaker Pelosi lands in Taiwan
3 Aug 2022
Buzz of excitement at Parliament during Nancy Pelosi's visit
2 Aug 2022
Bipartisan gun safety bill passed in US Congress to become legislation
25 Jun 2022
GOP lawmakers subpoenaed in Capitol riot probe
13 May 2022
US House passes gun control measures
12 Mar 2021
This is not 'Christmas' as US congress passes US$3 trillion relief bill for Covid-19
16 May 2020
In historic moment, US House impeaches Donald Trump for abuse of power
19 Dec 2019
Wednesday's Trump impeachment vote is on; Trump says it's a sham
18 Dec 2019
Dewan Rakyat passes bill to increase 13 Sabah state seats
17 Jul 2019
House condemns Trump over 'racist comments'
17 Jul 2019
Pelosi, Democrats celebrate taking back House of Representatives
7 Nov 2018