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Foreign tourists revel in vibrant Kaamatan celebration
31 May 2024
South Korean artist enchanted by "heaven of creation" in China's Jingdezhen
26 Apr 2024
Peach blossoms in vibrant display in Xizang, China
20 Apr 2024
Inside vibrant world of returned giant pandas
18 Apr 2024
Colourful rocks adorning mountain of Xinjiang a geological marvel
23 Mar 2024
Xinjiang's Pamir Plateau welcomes spring transformation
17 Mar 2024
New York's vibrant Lunar New Year parade lights up Chinatown
26 Feb 2024
People across China celebrate a vibrant Spring Festival
13 Feb 2024
Rio's elite samba schools shine with flamboyant floats, costumes
12 Feb 2024
Thean Hou temple lights up with dragon-themed lanterns for Lunar New Year
4 Feb 2024
The endless winter beauty of Dianchi Lake in China's Yunnan
23 Jan 2024
Blooming Prosperity: bask in the sweet aroma of a floral park in Yunnan
13 Dec 2023
A vibrant city on ancient Silk Road - Kashgar in the eyes of foreigners
2 Nov 2023
Injecting new life into heritage building
16 Jul 2023
Malaysia's Senior Lionesses | R.AGE
29 May 2023
Bright Lights, Big City: Wuhan's Culture and Tourism Expo
22 Apr 2023
Zhejiang Frontier: Exloring China's economic vitality from Ningbo Zhoushan port
17 Mar 2023
Star Media Group recognised as media leader in country
14 Mar 2023
Thriving job market signals economic rebound in Hainan
18 Feb 2023
China learns to live with coronavirus as 'zero Covid' policy eased
12 Dec 2022
Dutch tulip grower fulfills his dream in east China
18 May 2022
Devotees grateful for modest yet meaningful Thaipusam celebration
18 Jan 2022
Thaipusam celebrations scaled down for second year due to Covid-19
18 Jan 2022
The Straits Times | Reimagining Singapore's streets as destinations
23 Nov 2021
The Straits Times | Food diplomacy at Singapore Fair in Japan
30 Oct 2021
It's bloom time in Chile's 'flowering desert'
23 Oct 2021
The Straits Times | Spray-paint a wall in Kampong Glam and explore its past 
12 May 2021
Retro Recipe: Kuih ketayap
9 Sep 2020
Happy-go-shopping as markets still crowded in Butterworth
22 Mar 2020
Parents and students come in droves for Star Edufair
14 Dec 2019
Businesses must act now to capture BRI opportunities
8 Jul 2019
Batu Caves to see a boost in visitors
21 Jan 2019
Silver chariot procession kicks off Thaipusam celebration in KL
19 Jan 2019
Anwar's first campaign stop in PD
30 Sep 2018