Can Malaysia's young Sepak Takraw players bring in new fans and gold medals? | R.AGE

Published on 3 Jan 2024 7:00:01 PM

Sepak Takraw, loosely translated as "kick volleyball", is gaining popularity around the world and many sepak takraw associations are campaigning for it to become an Olympic sport.

The game has ancient roots in South East Asia and fans say that its has a level of cultural and artisitic value not seen in other sports.

But in Malaysia, where the Malaysian Sepak Raga Federation (an earlier name for the game) was formed in 1960, critics say the game has stagnated.

Thailand have been winning gold at international competitions for years, while Malaysia settles for silver.

But with a new generation of players finding the game online, can Malaysian sports associations create enough support to bring home the gold?

Video produced by @TheFourth