MCO violation: Couple charged with using fake documents for inter-state travel

Published on 4 Jun 2020 4:01:16 PM

A married couple pleaded not guilty at the Magistrate’s Court in Bukit Mertajam, Penang on Thursday (June 4) to two counts of using forged documents to cross state borders, allegedly from Kajang to Penang last month.

Factory engineer Ahmad Aizuddin Abd Mokhti and his wife Nur Farah Aina Muslim, both 30, were jointly charged with using a forged doctor’s memo, dated May 27, with the knowledge that the document was not genuine.

As for the second offence, Ahmad Aizudin and Nur Farah, an accountant, were jointly charged with using a forged movement control order (MCO) exemption permit dated May 23 despite knowing that it was fake.

They were accused of committing the offences at the Juru Toll Plaza (northbound) of the North-South Highway at 3.30am on May 23.