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‘Graduation’ for Gaza victims held at University of Toronto
4 Jun 2024
Moments of SIA passengers being carried out of flight after turbulence incident
21 May 2024
Iran's President Raisi, Foreign Minister die in helicopter crash, Iranian official tells Reuters
20 May 2024
Bodies lie outside mosque as Israeli forces mass on Rafah's outskirts
10 May 2024
Chilean man buys TV with coins collected from beaches, parks
27 Apr 2024
Young news readers seek truth and reliability, says researcher
25 Apr 2024
Two dead, six injured in Memphis block party shooting, police says
21 Apr 2024
Israel strikes in Iran's Isfahan, say reports
19 Apr 2024
Four killed in Israeli airstrike on an UNRWA school in Gaza, says health ministry
18 Apr 2024
Simon Harris becomes Ireland's youngest ever PM
10 Apr 2024
Climate activist Greta Thunberg detained twice at demonstration in The Hague
7 Apr 2024
Mexico suspends relations with Ecuador after arrest of ex-VP
6 Apr 2024
Parents urge action after Finnish police link school shooting to bullying
5 Apr 2024
A book bound in human skin is showcased at a New York book fair
5 Apr 2024
Chef Jose Andres says his aid workers were 'targeted systematically' in Israeli strike
4 Apr 2024
MOMENT: Building collapses on busy street as powerful quake hits Taiwan
3 Apr 2024
One child killed, two wounded in Finland school shooting, 12-year-old suspect held
2 Apr 2024
Japanese authorities inspect second Kobayashi Pharma factory after deaths
31 Mar 2024
Workers honor migrants killed in Baltimore's bridge collapse
30 Mar 2024
Paris chocolatiers embrace sports theme for Easter, as Olympics nears
30 Mar 2024
Two victims recovered after Baltimore bridge collapse
28 Mar 2024
Band holds memorial concert after Moscow attack
28 Mar 2024
Six presumed dead after crippled cargo ship knocks down Baltimore bridge
27 Mar 2024
Islamic State claims responsibility for Moscow terror attack, investigators say over 60 victims dead
23 Mar 2024
UK royal Kate having chemotherapy after 'huge shock' of cancer discovery
23 Mar 2024
Thailand celebrates National Elephant Day with fruitful feast
14 Mar 2024
Police remove Greta Thunberg from blocking Swedish parliament
12 Mar 2024
Floods, landslides kill 26 in Indonesia, at least six missing
12 Mar 2024
Indonesia floods, landslide kill 19, with seven missing
10 Mar 2024
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, hits out at 'hateful' abuse during pregnancies
10 Mar 2024
Pakistan's Shehbaz Sharif takes oath as prime minister
4 Mar 2024
Bangladesh building fire kills 45, injures dozens
1 Mar 2024
Thailand to ban recreational cannabis use by year-end, says health minister
29 Feb 2024
Tokyo's Hello Kitty theme park closed for 'terrorist' security alert
24 Feb 2024
Angry farmers prepare to confront Macron at Paris farm fair
24 Feb 2024
South Korea health alert raised to 'severe' over doctors walkout
23 Feb 2024
More South Korea doctors join protest, authorities warn patients at risk
21 Feb 2024
Thai ex-PM Thaksin meets prosecutor on royal insult case, appears 'truly ill'
19 Feb 2024
Thai tycoon Thaksin tastes freedom in homeland, 15 years after fleeing
18 Feb 2024
Japan successfully launches new H3 rocket after failure last year
17 Feb 2024
Taiwan's ruling party win third presidential term
14 Jan 2024
Voting begins in Taiwan's elections
13 Jan 2024
Peru scientists confirm 'alien mummies' are dolls made from bones
13 Jan 2024
South Korea opposition leader hopes for end to 'politics of hate' after attack
10 Jan 2024
Japan releases transcripts of fatal aircraft collision
3 Jan 2024
South Korea opposition chief stabbed in neck
2 Jan 2024
Deadly thunderstorms lash Australia's east
27 Dec 2023
Flooding affects thousands in southern Thailand
26 Dec 2023
Faithful pray for world peace in light of Christmas
25 Dec 2023
Paramedics found guilty in death of Elijah McClain
23 Dec 2023
Police reveal more details on Czech shooting
23 Dec 2023
Actor Vin Diesel hit with sexual battery lawsuit
22 Dec 2023
Apple pauses US sale of latest Watch models over patent clash
19 Dec 2023
Missing boy found in France now back in UK - police
17 Dec 2023
Prince Harry's phone-hacking case explained
16 Dec 2023
Actor Matthew Perry died from 'acute effects of ketamine'
16 Dec 2023
Six French teens convicted in 2020 beheading of teacher Paty
9 Dec 2023
Israeli tank fire killed Reuters journalist in Lebanon
8 Dec 2023
Las Vegas campus gunman identified as struggling academic
8 Dec 2023
Google launches its largest and 'most capable' AI model, Gemini
7 Dec 2023
'Time' names Taylor Swift its 2023 Person Of The Year
7 Dec 2023
Malaysia posts 3.3% GDP growth in 3Q
17 Nov 2023
Israeli forces advance in Jenin, drone strike kills three
17 Nov 2023
Palestinian official says Hamas ends hostage talks
13 Nov 2023
A child dies in Gaza every 10 minutes , says WHO chief
11 Nov 2023
'The Red Shoes' exhibit explores legacy of ballet drama
11 Nov 2023
Erdogan stokes judicial crisis, calling for new constitution
11 Nov 2023
Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza hit by Israeli air strikes
10 Nov 2023
Video shows bodies on road south of Israel-besieged Gaza City
4 Nov 2023
'Friends' star Matthew Perry, who struggled with substance abuse, dead at 54
29 Oct 2023
Bangladesh opposition protest turns violent amid calls for PM to resign
29 Oct 2023
Australia rejects Indigenous referendum
15 Oct 2023
Israeli Army investigates death of Reuters journalist
14 Oct 2023
UN hopes for investigation into death of Reuters journalist
14 Oct 2023
Reuters journo's wife gives birth in Gaza warzone
13 Oct 2023
Israel pounds Gaza as war threatens to spiral
8 Oct 2023
Gaza buildings collapse after Israeli air strike
8 Oct 2023
Typhoon Koinu injures nearly 200 people in Taiwan
5 Oct 2023
Kevin McCarthy ousted by US House Republicans in historic vote
4 Oct 2023
Thailand shooting: Two killed, 14-year-old suspect arrested
4 Oct 2023
Doritos stunt takes 'cheese stretching' to new heights
20 Sep 2023
'The water was up to my neck' - Derna flood survivor
18 Sep 2023
What made Libya's floods so devastating?
15 Sep 2023
Pennsylvania killer recaptured in two-week manhunt
15 Sep 2023
Mexican Congress holds hearing on UFOs featuring purported 'alien' bodies
14 Sep 2023
Apple unveils four iPhone 15 models, with prices starting from RM4,399 and pre-orders from Sept 22
14 Sep 2023
Hermoso files criminal complaint over Rubiales kiss
7 Sep 2023
Tony Leung receives lifetime award in Venice
3 Sep 2023
Mohamed al-Fayed, ex-Harrods owner whose son died with Princess Diana, dead at 94
2 Sep 2023
North Korea allows citizens abroad to return home
28 Aug 2023
Florida gunman's manifesto was 'diary of a madman'
28 Aug 2023
How can AI 'read minds'?
16 Aug 2023
At least 41 killed in Indian Himalayas as rain triggers landslides
14 Aug 2023
Six die as Britain-bound migrant boat capsizes in Channel
13 Aug 2023
Pakistan former premier Imran Khan held after court hands down 3-year sentence
6 Aug 2023
Trump denounces 'fake charges in sham indictment'
5 Aug 2023
Why did Fitch downgrade America's credit rating?
3 Aug 2023