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Johor Regent confers state titles on seven individuals
23 Mar 2024
DAP reprimands two Sabah leaders over titles
26 Oct 2023
Council lodges police reports over people with fake Datuk, Datuk Seri and Tan Sri titles
1 May 2023
Manager held over use of fake document in membership bid
8 Nov 2022
Duo nabbed over false submission to Melaka Council of Datuks
19 Oct 2022
Orphans receive flu shots sponsored by the Council of Federal Datuks of Malaysia
10 Sep 2022
King confers Datukship on badminton great Foo Kok Keong
6 Jun 2022
Duo charged with forging and selling fake awards and medals
12 Aug 2021
Fake 'Datuks' give a bad name, says Michael Chong
9 Mar 2021
Police on trail of bogus Datuks following arrest of trio in Melaka
4 Mar 2021
King of Borneo scam exposed
16 Nov 2020
Three company directors remanded over SMS scam case
10 Nov 2020
Two more 'Datuks' remanded over RM27mil timber project
15 Aug 2020
Two Datuks, lawyer charged with forgery in JB
2 Jun 2019
Kelantan palace revokes ‘Datuk’ title of ex-Tabung Haji chairman Azeez
11 Apr 2019
LGE: Instead of chasing titles, look for appreciation from the people
17 Oct 2018
Police arrest fake “Datuks” and “Datins” involved in scam syndicate
2 Apr 2018
Two Datuks in Penang undersea tunnel probe freed on bail
19 Jan 2018
Two 'Datuks’ remanded over Penang undersea tunnel project
10 Jan 2018
Fake “Datukship” syndicate busted
15 Nov 2017
Datuks council: Revoke Datuk Seri of man in Rela assault
30 Oct 2017