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Karachi residents head to the beach to cool down in heatwave
2 Jun 2024
Indian veterinarian treats birds caught in scorching heatwave
1 Jun 2024
At least 15 dead in east India over 24 hours as temperatures soar
31 May 2024
India's Delhi hits all-time high of 52.9 Celsius in Mungeshpur
30 May 2024
Two people die in southern India as heatwave scorches region
30 Apr 2024
Bangladesh suffers under brutal heatwave sweeping the nation
23 Apr 2024
One case of death due to heat stroke recorded in Pahang, says Zahid
25 Mar 2024
No rain in several areas in Tampin, Jempol for 13 consecutive days – MB
20 Mar 2024
Paris 2024 village has no air-conditioner for athletes
29 Feb 2024
Argentines flock to public showers as heatwave mounts
2 Feb 2024
S. Korea to evacuate thousands of scouts ahead of expected typhoon, all Malaysians at campsite safe
7 Aug 2023
South Korea presses on with world scout jamboree, UK and US contingents move out
5 Aug 2023
Iran orders two-day nationwide shutdown due to soaring heat
3 Aug 2023
Heatwave: Can our farmers cope? | R.AGE Documentary
1 Aug 2023
Migrants at US-Mexico border struggle with heat
20 Jul 2023
Planet reels under extreme weather
18 Jul 2023
Rare heatwaves grill China as its energy, livelihood facilities stand tests
6 Jul 2023
Guidelines being drafted to deal with the heatwave, says Health Minister
17 May 2023
Environment Ministry ready to deal with impact of hot, dry weather
9 May 2023
Storm in the midst of heatwave wreaks havoc on JB village
3 May 2023
Stay hydrated during hot weather, DPM urges Malaysians
28 Apr 2023
Stay hydrated in hot and hazy weather, health experts advise
23 Apr 2023
China's major rice-producing province vows to secure grain harvest against heatwaves
28 Aug 2022
China's Poyang Lake shrinking amid heatwave, drought
26 Aug 2022
How is Chongqing dealing with 2022’s historic heatwave?
23 Aug 2022
How climate change drives heatwaves and wildfires
22 Jul 2022
Britain battles flames in record temperature of 40C
20 Jul 2022
Heat kills 1000 in Portugal as wildfires burn Europe
20 Jul 2022
Sprinklers and scarves help Indians seeking relief from heatwave
16 May 2022
Electricians work to ensure stable power supply for Xinjiang
13 Jul 2021
Chinese cities enter hottest days of summer
13 Jul 2021
Power, gas prices surge as US heatwave strikes
16 Jun 2021
Heatwave hits southern California
16 Jun 2021
Dry spell affects water supply in Kedah, Johor
21 Mar 2019
Ice lollipops for Beijing zoo animals to cool down heatwave
5 Aug 2018