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Families of Israeli hostages urge Netanyahu to end war in Gaza and accept ceasefire deal
8 May 2024
UN Security Council demands immediate Gaza ceasefire after US abstains
26 Mar 2024
Malaysia and Germany call for lasting ceasefire in Gaza
12 Mar 2024
Anti-government protesters in Tel Aviv say Netanyahu must go
10 Mar 2024
Netanyahu says 'enough' remaining Israeli hostages alive to warrant Gaza war
12 Feb 2024
UN chief repeats call for Gaza ceasefire
17 Jan 2024
Hamas leader in Egypt for Gaza truce talks
21 Dec 2023
Al-Qassam video shows release of sixth batch of Israeli and Thai captives in Gaza
30 Nov 2023
As hostages go free, ceasefire shows Gaza's ruin
27 Nov 2023
Gazans on their return: Where will we live?
25 Nov 2023
13 Israeli hostages set to be released from Gaza
24 Nov 2023
Israel, Hamas agree to truce and hostage deal
22 Nov 2023
Netanyahu condemns Hamas hostage video, rules out ceasefire
31 Oct 2023
Two Israeli hostages freed by Hamas
24 Oct 2023
Second aid convoy waits at Rafah before crossing into Gaza
22 Oct 2023
Israel continues to pound Gaza as first emergency aid trucks arrive
21 Oct 2023
Russia push for Security Council action on Israel, Gaza fails
17 Oct 2023
Armed man demanding frozen deposits takes hostages at Lebanese bank
11 Aug 2022
Four people stabbed by assailant in shocking incident at major Shanghai hospital
9 Jul 2022
Texas synagogue hostage crisis ends with gunman dead
16 Jan 2022
US charges Canadian man over IS allegations
3 Oct 2021
Nigerian schoolboys freed as forces search for 300 abducted girls
28 Feb 2021
Gunman kills 12 and takes hostages inside mall in Thailand
8 Feb 2020
IGP: Malaysian govt looking at all angles to secure release of hostages
21 Feb 2019
Murder suspect in L.A. hostage standoff named
23 Jul 2018
Gunman arrested after Los Angeles store hostage standoff
22 Jul 2018
Gunman and three hostages found dead at California veterans home
10 Mar 2018
Several dead as gunmen attack top Kabul hotel, take hostages
21 Jan 2018
Ukraine hostages freed after police storm post office
31 Dec 2017