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Sudan crisis: US special forces evacuate diplomats
24 Apr 2023
More than 600 dead as Nigeria's flooding spreads
20 Oct 2022
Married couple detained for email scam resulting in RM3.9mil in losses
14 Jun 2022
Police find explosives after Nigeria church attack
8 Jun 2022
Stories that made us smile this week
6 May 2022
Illegal oil refinery blast kills over 100 in Nigeria
25 Apr 2022
Nigerian linguist designs Yoruba inspired board game
22 Feb 2022
Nigerian artist paints portraits on her body
5 Feb 2022
Internet romance between two men turns out to be parcel scam
5 Jan 2022
Khairy: Travel ban to eight African countries lifted, now listed in high risk countries
28 Dec 2021
Omicron threat: Nigeria on high-risk list, additional safeguards for travellers from UK, says KJ
16 Dec 2021
Covid-19: Eight-year-old girl is second Omicron case detected in the country
16 Dec 2021
Several trapped after high-rise collapses in Nigeria
2 Nov 2021
Covid-19: India’s ‘double mutant’ strain detected in Malaysia, more cases of VOC detected nationwide
2 May 2021
Court orders release of Nigerian man held in detention for 39 days
23 Apr 2021
Nigerian schoolboys freed as forces search for 300 abducted girls
28 Feb 2021
Nigerian man pleads guilty for scamming woman of RM339,610
29 Dec 2020
Nigerian man who killed step-grandson has mental health issues, says KL police chief
30 Nov 2020
Nigeria buries 43 farmers killed by militants, dozens missing
30 Nov 2020
Nigerians rally day after civilians fired on
22 Oct 2020
Suspect arrested in grisly murder of tech CEO
18 Jul 2020
Tech CEO found dismembered in NYC apartment
16 Jul 2020
Nigerian comics fight Covid-19 with gags and slapstick slaps
11 May 2020
Suhakam says Nigerian student's death due to heart attack, but raises elements of negligence
20 Dec 2019
Nigerian police free 259 people from Islamic institution
6 Nov 2019
Nearly half facing the noose are foreigners
10 Oct 2019
10 Nigerians charged with rioting, attacking cops at Flora Damansara
7 Aug 2019
Two DAP MPs call for independent inquest into death of Nigerian student in Immigration custody
18 Jul 2019
Nigerian student tried to flee during raid, says Immigration
12 Jul 2019
Limkokwing: There is no protest over Nigerian student’s death
12 Jul 2019
Nigerian man charged with murder of nurse Siti Kharina
27 May 2019
Key suspect in nurse’s murder remanded for seven days
17 May 2019
Nigerian suspect detained in murdered nurse case
16 May 2019
Love hurts: Cops cripple love scam syndicate with major arrests
22 Oct 2018
Do you know ... about these World Cup teams?
1 Feb 2018
International drug ring crackdown, nine nabbed including two Nigerians
13 Sep 2017
RM80mil of ivory and pangolin scales seized in Sabah
8 Sep 2017
Thai cops nab Nigerian men and their local accomplices for romance scam
25 Nov 2016
Indonesia executes foreign drug traffickers
1 Aug 2016