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The day has come for Tokyo investors to celebrate as Nikkei hits record high
23 Feb 2024
Malaysians tell Madani Government to continue the good work
8 Dec 2023
How are people reacting to talk of a TikTok ban in US?
24 Mar 2023
Onlookers react to alleged China spy balloon downing
5 Feb 2023
Fans react after Morocco upset Spain at World Cup
7 Dec 2022
From euphoria to misery, fans react to World Cup games
24 Nov 2022
Relief for families of MH17 victims after culprits sentenced to life in prison
18 Nov 2022
The funeral that brought a country to a standstill
20 Sep 2022
'We've all known just one queen' - Britons reflect on death
9 Sep 2022
Health Ministry debunks video of 'adverse vaccine reaction'
23 Feb 2022
Stop hurting my friends, says Mohd Ziyad
3 Sep 2021
The Straits Times | Mixed reactions to mandatory tray returns at hawker centres
23 Jun 2021
Mixed reactions to G7 vaccine plan
14 Jun 2021
Covid-19 Q&A: Talk to your doctor about the vaccine if you have these conditions
5 Apr 2021
Covid-19 Q&A: Talk to your doctor about the vaccine if you have these conditions
5 Apr 2021
Positive reactions for Pemerkasa
18 Mar 2021
China: US different reactions to mayhem in Washington and Hong Kong worth pondering
7 Jan 2021
Allergic reactions prompt warning on UK vaccine
10 Dec 2020
Conditional MCO: Mixed reactions from eatery owners on dining in
7 May 2020
Altantuya murder: Reactions on Azilah’s latest revelation
16 Dec 2019
Watch Trump and Melania ‘trick’ kid at Halloween event
30 Oct 2019
ACCCIM weighs in on Budget 2020
11 Oct 2019
Dr M on Budget 2020: Everyone got something out of it, everyone’s happy
11 Oct 2019
Dr M: Unprecedented and beginning of a new era
16 Jul 2019
Lumut villagers claim poultry farms contaminating oil palm plantation water supply
30 Jun 2019
US troop withdrawal from Syria surprises analysts, officials
20 Dec 2018
Umno-PAS merger? - Mixed reactions from MPs
19 Nov 2018
Najib’s reaction during mid-term review speech draw attention from MPs; mixed reactions from netizens
19 Oct 2018
GE14: Malaysians share what it's like to vote for the first time
9 May 2018
Mixed reactions over Saudi Arabia’s plan to hike local petrol prices
1 Jan 2018
Moderation through acceptance and understanding
13 Nov 2017
Budget 2018: Reactions from lawmakers
27 Oct 2017
Liow on reactions to “Citizens”
29 Aug 2017