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PM to announce good news on food items, says Fahmi
15 Jun 2024
FOMCA vice president calls for enforcement of stringent food safety measures
14 Jun 2024
PM Anwar calls for business-friendly policies in agriculture sector
14 Jun 2024
Diesal subsidy realisation garners mixed reaction from the public
10 Jun 2024
Celebrating 100 years of Malaysian farming heritage
10 Jun 2024
Veterinary Services Dept reviewing dairy imports after avian influenza reports, says Mat Sabu
10 Jun 2024
Mat Sabu: Proposal to raise ceiling price of local white rice to be finalised before October
10 Jun 2024
Heartwarming video of woman feeding hospital patient goes viral
8 Jun 2024
Part-time worker fined RM100 for placing Israeli flag stickers at fast food restaurant
6 Jun 2024
Measures in place for targeted diesel subsidy rollout, says Anwar
28 May 2024
Malaysians find unity in their love for good food
24 May 2024
Street Grub | Young vendor offers new way to enjoy croissants for breakfast
22 May 2024
FT MCA Youth to fund young entrepreneurs through new programme
21 May 2024
Unique arts and crafts from food waste at KL markets
18 May 2024
Israeli protesters block Gaza aid convoy, destroy food packages
14 May 2024
Anwar calls for global unified response as security and prosperity threats loom
6 May 2024
Street Grub | Kelantanese breakfast toast by the lake
1 May 2024
Carry out renovation for your hotels to look fresh, Tiong tells hoteliers
30 Apr 2024
Vietnam News | Sushi world in Hanoi
25 Apr 2024
Vietnam News | Rice paper village
20 Apr 2024
Former Kuala Krau MP admits to dumping mounds of rice, food items
19 Apr 2024
Wild boars wandering, foraging food in Shah Alam neighbourhood
17 Apr 2024
Famous Batu Lanchang nasi tomato stall razed in fire
16 Apr 2024
Civil servant, trader among five detained for making threats
15 Apr 2024
Vietnam News | Hanoi’s Sweet Spots
13 Apr 2024
Vietnam News | The allures of Hà Giang
12 Apr 2024
Vietnam News | Fancy an eyeball feast?
7 Apr 2024
The Straits Times | Itzy in Singapore playing a game of votes
6 Apr 2024
'Semarak Syawal Agro Madani' sale offers up to 30% discount at 753 locations
6 Apr 2024
Hari Raya 2024: Food for the soul
4 Apr 2024
Chef Jose Andres says his aid workers were 'targeted systematically' in Israeli strike
4 Apr 2024
Johor elephant sanctuary shoulders bigger responsibilities to build food bank
2 Apr 2024
Video from attack site shows World Central Kitchen vehicles destroyed in air strike
2 Apr 2024
The Straits Times | Lunch with Sumiko: Goodstuph encourages staff to moonlight
1 Apr 2024
Rag in murtabak: Ramadan bazaar trader fined
27 Mar 2024
Ramadan CSR Initiative by Foodpanda Malaysia and partners
24 Mar 2024
Algerian foundation partners with chefs to provide free meals for the needy
24 Mar 2024
Vietnam News | Pho for thought
23 Mar 2024
Local authorities in Selangor urged to redistribute surplus food from Ramadan bazaars
20 Mar 2024
Over 103,000ha of abandoned agricultural lands in Malaysia, says Joseph Kurup
20 Mar 2024
Turks' "dessert after Iftar" tradition prevails despite rising prices
20 Mar 2024
Health Ministry gives authority to 189 enforcement officers regarding smoking ban
19 Mar 2024
Restructuring of rice industry to be announced soon, says Mat Sabu
19 Mar 2024
PM Anwar urges Muslims to appreciate spirit of Ramadan, help the less fortunate
18 Mar 2024
Food waste reduces by 3% during Ramadan period, says ministry
17 Mar 2024
Hot springs create tasty food, wellness retreats in northeast China's Changbai Mountain
15 Mar 2024
Prices, supply of chicken currently stable, Mat Sabu tells Parliament
14 Mar 2024
Former jobless turns to operate at Ramadan bazaar
12 Mar 2024
Floods, landslides kill 26 in Indonesia, at least six missing
12 Mar 2024
Agriculture ministry ready to face El Nino effects on agro-food sector
11 Mar 2024
US aid policy on Gaza 'absurd' given military support for Israel, says UN expert
10 Mar 2024
The Straits Times | Must-eats at Geylang Serai Ramadan Bazaar
10 Mar 2024
Malaysia, Australia to explore further cooperation, says Anwar
4 Mar 2024
Govt ready to consider expanding Sara Aid beyond basic necessities
29 Feb 2024
KPKM implements programme to reduce dependency on imported onion
28 Feb 2024
Tourism Ministry urged to explain listing of bak kut teh as national heritage food
28 Feb 2024
Five p-hailing riders charged with motorist's murder
27 Feb 2024
Govt booths draw crowds at central zone Madani Rakyat programme
25 Feb 2024
The Straits Times | Creating Taylor Swift cakes for Swifties
24 Feb 2024
Valencia residents collect donations for victims of apartment blaze
24 Feb 2024
Banks urged to support energy transition, food security initiatives
19 Feb 2024
Food rider charged with allegedly setting fire to an auxiliary police car
19 Feb 2024
Melaka food peddler claims trial to 10 charges of unnatural sex, molest of teen boys
19 Feb 2024
DBKL sets up static beats around Taman Tasik Titiwangsa to deter illegal hawkers
18 Feb 2024
Health Ministry considering designated smoking areas in busy locations, says Dr. Dzul
17 Feb 2024
Ethnic Yao people make glutinous rice cakes for Lunar New Year
13 Feb 2024
Italian chef in China creates fusion dishes for Spring Festival
6 Feb 2024
UN Gaza food convoy hit by Israeli naval gunfire, UNRWA claims
6 Feb 2024
China Daily | Discover Beijing's hidden treasure: Open-air rural market
5 Feb 2024
The Straits Times | CNY snack test: Can the stars of Money No Enough 3 tell budget from premium?
5 Feb 2024
Escaped detainees hungry and searching for food, 10 recaptured so far
3 Feb 2024
Anwar savours food at Pertama shopping complex before prayers at Masjid Jamek
2 Feb 2024
The Straits Times | Five unusual CNY snacks to try
30 Jan 2024
Savouring delicacies on high-speed train amid Spring Festival travel rush
30 Jan 2024
Climate change activists throw soup at Mona Lisa painting in Paris
29 Jan 2024
Charity food baskets bring Chinese New Year joy to 200
29 Jan 2024
Syed Abu Hussin to head committee to deal with food prices under NACCOL, says PM
28 Jan 2024
South Korea warns against social media trend of eating fried toothpicks
25 Jan 2024
Who invented butter chicken? Indian judge set to decide
25 Jan 2024
Henan cuisine, a hidden gem for wheaten food lover
22 Jan 2024
Bernas rice cartel probe: Ministry says will cooperate with MYCC
22 Jan 2024
Govt ready to examine, restructure existing rice system, says Mat Sabu
21 Jan 2024
Mat Sabu: Aquaculture production output increases each year
21 Jan 2024
China Daily | Chrysanthemum hotpot: Long-lost Beijing imperial delicacy restored
21 Jan 2024
Street Grub | Home-cooked meals on the go
17 Jan 2024
Rural areas in China's Xinjiang develop Australian freshwater crayfish farming
17 Jan 2024
Ministry seized over RM6mil worth of goods in Perak last year
16 Jan 2024
A big dinner, says Antonsen about how he will celebrate Malaysia Open win
14 Jan 2024
Penang Water cut: Bayan Baru food court empty of traders, customers
10 Jan 2024
Japan quake: Much-needed food supply is back but desperation grows over missing victims
6 Jan 2024
PM continues Friday routine of prayers and lunch, this time in Selayang
5 Jan 2024
Some 1,000 seabass sold for 90 sen each, sold out in 40 minutes
3 Jan 2024
Cops quiz six over fracas at Pandamaran sports complex
3 Jan 2024
McDonald’s Malaysia says pursuing legal action against BDS for defamation
30 Dec 2023
Vietnam News | Youth rescues food
29 Dec 2023
Two Pakistani restaurants in Jalan Ipoh caught using subsidised cooking oil to prepare food
27 Dec 2023
90-year-old dies after crashing car into fast food restaurant
26 Dec 2023
Hired caterer no show at wedding reception
25 Dec 2023
Drone delivery favorable among Shenzhen foodies
25 Dec 2023