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Sea nomad homeowners allegedly torched houses to gain sympathy, says Sabah minister
7 Jun 2024
Nine foreign workers rescued from burning billboard along Federal Highway
31 May 2024
Plumes of smoke and loud bangs as fire rips through battery-laden lorry
30 Apr 2024
Malaysia sees sharp rise in open fires early 2024
30 Mar 2024
Fifteen open burning hotspots identified in Perak
25 Mar 2024
No rain in several areas in Tampin, Jempol for 13 consecutive days – MB
20 Mar 2024
No rest for the weary as secondary forest fires spread in Kota Belud
11 Mar 2024
'Fire dragon' to roar in Batu Gajah
18 Feb 2024
Burning firecrackers thrown at a lion dance troupe in Sandakan
15 Feb 2024
Melaka man nabbed for beating up elderly neighbour
29 Jan 2024
Neighbour dies after rescuing family of seven in Labuan fire
24 Jan 2024
Drone footage shows molten lava burning houses in Iceland
15 Jan 2024
Saving a keystone species | Star Golden Hearts Award 2023
15 Nov 2023
Raging forest fire in Kota Tinggi successfully extinguished by firefighters
22 Oct 2023
Govt will not defend Malaysian companies contributing to the haze
12 Oct 2023
A burning passion: Firefighting competition heats up in China's Fujian
3 Sep 2023
Villagers flee as wildfires burn in Switzerland
18 Jul 2023
Bad smell linked to open burning turning visitors off Taman Maluri park
25 Jun 2023
Firemen rescue six people trapped on roof of burning hotel
28 May 2023
A burning desire to preserve decades-old trade
14 May 2023
Four arrested in Penang for loan shark harassment
8 May 2023
Stay hydrated in hot and hazy weather, health experts advise
23 Apr 2023
Food delivery rider charged with setting fire to motorbikes at KL mall
19 Apr 2023
Haze caused by hot weather, peat fires, says Nik Nazmi
15 Apr 2023
Girl dies after being trapped in burning house in Penang
10 Apr 2023
Malaysia to distribute one million copies of the Quran worldwide, says PM Anwar
28 Jan 2023
Protests and demos held in different parts of the world over Quran burning act
28 Jan 2023
Rasmus Paludan at it again with Quran burning antics near Denmark mosque
28 Jan 2023
Hundreds march in protest of burning of Quran
27 Jan 2023
PM: PAS free to protest against burning of Quran but don't cause trouble
26 Jan 2023
Fire victims of shanty Seoul village: It’s chaotic
20 Jan 2023
GE15: 130 police reports lodged Johor during campaigning period in Johor
13 Nov 2022
Woman found dead after car bursts into flames following accident
22 Oct 2022
Azizulhasni still bent on chasing Paris Olympic gold
3 Oct 2022
Man injured, four houses razed in fire
19 Aug 2022
Indiana pizza delivery man saves family from burning home
21 Jul 2022
Elderly woman killed in Jonker Walk blaze
8 Jun 2022
Burning car on Penang Bridge causes massive jam
20 May 2022
Video captures moment car on fire rolls backwards on Genting road
10 May 2022
Car burns in six-vehicle accident
8 May 2022
Pulau Burung landfill blaze finally put out after 20 days
2 Feb 2022
Beijing Winter Olympics ready to roll after lighting of Olympic flame
19 Oct 2021
Vietnam News | First-time voters talk about the upcoming election 
20 May 2021
Drone footage shows non-stop mass cremations in New Delhi
23 Apr 2021
Bomba still fighting fire aboard cargo ship in Port Klang after four days
11 Apr 2021
Doctors perform open heart surgery as hospital burns
5 Apr 2021
The Korea Herald | Upcycling charts new course in fashion
16 Mar 2021
Kuala Langat Selatan forest fire spreads to over 40 hectares
2 Mar 2021
Woman who tried to save boyfriend from burning car in Tanjong Pagar crash out of ICU and conscious
23 Feb 2021
Illegal scrap metal factory in Simpang Pulai issued with stop work order
30 Nov 2020
New Delhi choked by smog
15 Oct 2020
Another site with illegal dumping and open fire activities found in Bukit Mertajam
4 Oct 2020
Atlanta police seek masked woman suspected of burning down Wendy's
15 Jun 2020
Gardener jailed for burning stepdaughter with hot knife
26 Feb 2020
Plastic waste a burning issue in Sungai Petani
21 Jan 2020
Michelle Obama explains imposter syndrome
12 Dec 2019
“Plan your joy,” suggests Michelle Obama
12 Dec 2019
Johan Setia: Where the open burning never stops
7 Oct 2019
Haze: Govt waiting for Indonesia to wrap up probe into Malaysian companies
7 Oct 2019
“On hindsight, not that bad after all,” quips Anwar on his time in prison
4 Oct 2019
Open burning in Kota Puteri may affect nearby school
3 Oct 2019
Cops nab three for burning home in Buntong
24 Sep 2019
IGP: Police ready to assist DoE to curb open burning
18 Sep 2019
Four Malaysian firms behind fires at plantations, claims Indonesia
14 Sep 2019
Brazil's Bolsonaro blames Amazon wildfires on NGOs
22 Aug 2019
Govt to look into calls for Lynas closure, says Dr M
16 Aug 2019
14 escape house fire in Sarawak
30 Jul 2019
Malaysia can generate more electricity if all roofs use solar panels, says Yeo
14 May 2019
Illegal waste being burned on state land in Penang
3 May 2019
It’s not a fire but burning of excess gas
17 Apr 2019
Firefighters form human chain to save Notre-Dame's treasures
16 Apr 2019
Immediate total ban on open-burning must be enforced
19 Mar 2019
Mexico vows crackdown on fuel theft after fatal pipeline blast
19 Jan 2019
Bomba chief: Firemen had to withdraw after temple crowd grew rowdy
27 Nov 2018
Angry relatives and locals pelt stones at police at site of Indian rail accident
22 Oct 2018
60 killed as train mows down crowd in Amritsar
21 Oct 2018
Myanmar delays verdict for Reuters reporters to Sept 3
27 Aug 2018
Malaysia to meet Indonesia over measures to tackle haze
6 Aug 2018
Vocational student makes remotely-controlled farm tractor
10 May 2018
Clone car syndicate might be behind torching of JPJ vehicles
7 Feb 2018
Stricken tanker leaves large oil slick in East China Sea
15 Jan 2018
Burning Iranian oil tanker in East China Sea sinks
14 Jan 2018
Burning tanker off China coast may explode and sink
8 Jan 2018
Vietnamese workers save Indonesian woman from burning shophouse
12 Sep 2017
Tenant's revenge leaves hundreds homeless
5 Sep 2017
Factory owners to bid farewell to Sungai Lembu folks
15 Aug 2017
Joint operation to curb open burning
10 Apr 2017